11 Best Fonts for Horror Movie Posters and Heavy Metal Album Covers

Looking for a professional font that will give your horror movie poster or heavy metal album cover an edge? Look no further! We will showcase 11 of the best fonts that can be used for logos and graphic design in these genres. These fonts are all high-quality and eroded, giving them a gritty and dark feel. So if you're looking to create a truly terrifying or metal-inspired piece here are some fonts to consider. This collection of fonts is perfect for those who are looking to create logos or other graphic design elements for horror movies or heavy metal groups.

Remove the fees of paying a professional artist by downloading one of these fonts and using it for your project. These logos and designs will still look amazing, but won't cost you an arm and a leg. So check them out now and see which one is perfect for your needs!


Which of these fonts is your favorite? Have you used any of them in your own work?


1. Marshal The Dead Font


2. Ode to Murder Font


3. Fit for Murder Font


5. Eater of Children Font


6. Jacknife Font


7. Who Asks Satan Font


8. Family Annihilator Font


9. Malignant Font


10. X Spiked Font


11. Philophobia Font